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Routine Pregnancy Checkup
Pregnant Woman and Partner


Our organisation believes the parenting journey should be enjoyable. Our aim is to ensure you have a strong foundation to develop long lasting bonds with your children and enriching relationships that will enable your family to flourish.


Our mission is to equip parents with knowledge, skills and tools that will enrich parent and child relationships.


To achieve this goal, we focus on educating and equipping parents and carers with key skills and tools to ensure children are healthy right from pregnancy.

We’re here to guide and partner with you on your parenting journey.



Our organisation is guided by 5 core values that inform our conduct and work ethic. These values are:


1. Excellence​ 

We strive to be Excellent in all we do. This includes our conduct, ethic and the service we deliver.​

2. Parent and child wellbeing

Our staff are trained to ensure you and your child's physical, emotional         and mental wellbeing is front and centre of our care and service. It is a         top priority for us. 

3. Holistic learning and development

As the saying goes, 'a job half done is as good as none'. We are passionate about positive parent child relationships, and believe the best can only be gained when holistic learning and development are at the foundation.​

4. Quality Care

Our client focused approach is informed by kindness, compassion and consideration of everyone's uniqueness. We tailor our services for your convenience and unique needs to ensure you recieve the best care!​

5. Safety and security

Your safety and security, as well as that of your child and family are our priority. We are relentless in our pursuit to ensure your family is safe and strive to ensure safety is never compromised.


Hello, and welcome to our page. My name is Lucy Marembo and I am the founder and CEO of Royale Gateways, an organisation that is dedicated to opening up parents to a world of holistic parenting support and learning about childcare.


My passion and expertise is in Midwifery and Child and family services. I’ve been serving in Community Health where my focus has been on Child and Family Health Services for over 7.5 years. I am also a Registered Nurse with over 35 years of  experience (with over 30 of those years spent as a Midwife).


I have a great interest in enhancing the wellbeing of parenting families. Over the years, I’ve made it a mission to support parents from all walks of life who are journeying through pregnancy and/or raising young children up to the age of 5.


I’m always excited at the prospect of equipping parents and do hope to meet with you!

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