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Over the years we have had the pleasure to work with the most amazing clients. It is a blessing to serve in this area and we are grateful for their testimonials on how we are able to impact & make a difference in their lives.

Toy and Onesie

The Best Nurse Educator

"My experience with Lucy has been really great, after we had our first baby we were concerned about each and every milestone of our baby so Lucy was always there to clear our doubts, to educate and guide us how to take care of beautiful new life.

Lucy is really intelligent, polite, hard working and an excellent listener, she listened our problems very carefully whether it be related to our baby's growth and development or our mental health.

As first time parents we learned a lot regarding breast feeding, baby bath and hygiene, motor skills and many more. We are so comfortable with Lucy and it feels like a family member taking care of someone. In a nutshell she is the best nurse educator we ever met."


Jasdeep Girn 

Patient & Understanding 

Lucy has such a personality that makes you feel embraced and safe. After the birth of my twins I knew I was in great hands for our home visits. Lucy was kind, patient and understanding. She took her time and didn’t rush us.


Our twins didn’t put on much weight in the first weeks. Lucy listened to my desire to breastfeed and encouraged me to keep going. We made plans together to ensure the twins made progress with their weight.


Lucy made visits and calls regularly to check in with how they were going and moving our benchmarks as we progressed and reached milestones.


Lucy made our postpartum experience so much less stressful. 


Lisa Maree

Baby's Grasp
Baby Room Cabinet

Very Kind & Knowledgable

Lucy was my little one's baby nurse for her first year. We used to visit each month for a check up and Lucy met us with a big smile, a reassuring voice and great advice.


Lucy is very kind and very knowledgeable and a trip back from the Narellan Clinic would give me confidence to manage the most exciting first year.

I would highly recommend Lucy for her knowledge and her level of care.


Rucha Mate

Taking Care of the Kids

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